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Description AWS Cloud Specialist

Overview :

You are an actor in our Cloud revolution and you have the task of deploying DevOps best practices through the use of the best tools. You are an applied person (hands-on), having an Agile mentality. You know everything about the AWS Cloud, all the DevOps fields, are an expert in the command line, and you see solutions and optimizations where all the others see problems. Your goal is to automate everything in the cloud !

Your role :

You are actively participating in the realization of our cloud vision and will champion the technical direction required to ensure the provision of the necessary infrastructure and logistics to provide the Bank with a secure and efficient way to use the various AWS services.
Here is the technological environment in which you will evolve at the beginning:
• Collaboration (JIRA / Confluence)
• Source code management (Git-Bitbucket)
• Continuous integration servers (Jenkins 2 with pipeline concept as code)
• Artifact Management (Nexus, Amazon ECR)
• Report and dashboards (SonarQube)
• Provisioning (Ansible, Terraform)
• More provisioning and orchestration tools (Docker / k8s)
• Application monitoring (AppDynamics, Datadog, CloudWatch etc.) to measure all these great applications and ensure that they deliver the expected business value to our customers
As an AWS Cloud Specialist, you are an expert on everything related to the AWS Cloud / DevOps, and you have a certain affinity for the release and coaching of your development teams; you know the design models, develop just like code, with languages like Terraform, Python or Java. You are familiar with CI-CD tools and carry out all your developments using the same best practices as for application software development.

Your main responsibilities :

• Exercise the leadership technique required to successfully implement AWS at National Bank
• Establish and manage network elements between the Bank and AWS
• Set up AWS creation and management automatisms
• Ensure the day-to-day management of the VPN and Share VPC AWS infrastructures
• Support security teams in applying the necessary measures and controls in AWS
• Support teams in the proper functioning of the various applications deployed in AWS
• Act as an AWS expert at the delivery and operation teams
• Everything you do as development uses the paradigms of everything as code and your commits trigger complete CI-CD pipelines up to production
• Everything you develop is tested in an automated way, at the right level according to the needs and
• You cooperate with the bank’s business groups to ensure that the solutions developed work well in the bank context
What you should have to apply
• Bachelor’s degree related to the sector of activity and 5-10 years of relevant experience
• Bilingual (spoken / written) French and English preferable, but not required
• You control and are certified on the AWS cloud
• You know what is the \"Periodic table of DevOps tools\" (and if not, when you will see it, you will understand!) And you master at least one tool per category of this table
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