Architecte d’entreprise
API, Docker, MFT
Description Enterprise Architect - Application & Integration - Senior

Montréal, QC

Standard role : Enterprise Architect
Proficiency: Senior
Location: Montreal
Remote: No
Travelling : No
Project: I&T

Mandate start date : June 17, 2019 Mandate end date : December 20, 2019 Potential to convert to permanent? : Yes

Position title : Enterprise Architect – Senior

Role description : This role is responsible for understanding and describing customer’s business and translating it into an overall architecture vision, strategy and a set of architecture principles. This includes the active communication and promotion of the vision, strategy and principles. This role is also responsible for defining the enterprise architecture framework in order to avoid redundancy, have integrated, cost-effective solutions and provide a common foundation for all system, service and infrastructure developments.

Summary of tasks :

 Translate strategic business requirements in order to develop enterprise architectures
 Understand and articulate how aspects of the enterprise architecture contribute to the achievement of our business strategy and delivery of the expected business outcomes. Explain and evangelize architecture value and deliverables to a wide audience spectrum (from IT support to Business executives) through simple business briefings.
 Identify where change is required (development of a Gap plan) in the enterprise architecture in order to support business capabilities
 Analyze emerging industry standards and trends to determine impact on enterprise architecture.
 Contribute to the operationalization of policies throughout the architecture
 Analyze regulatory guidelines to determine impact on enterprise architecture.
 Develop, deliver, maintain, communicate & govern Enterprise standards, guidelines, frameworks and models that make up the architecture
 Ensure alignment of the enterprise architectures with other enterprise architecture aspects.
 Ensure alignment of domain architecture activities with the overall enterprise strategies
 Participate in cross-domain activities and changes.
 Provide clear assessments and positions, connecting the dots on mandates with broad enterprise implications.
 Incorporate new business information and better sources of data feeds into the enterprise architecture.
 Facilitate consistent information acquisition, access, security, change management, archiving and recovery strategies at the enterprise level.

Mandatory skills : 8 years

Specialties :
Expert Enterprise Architect - Application & Integration
- Integration & Application Architecture Expert
- Micro Services Patterns and Architecture - Expert knowledge
- Domain Driven Design - Expert knowledge
- Event Driven Architecture, Event Sourcing, Kafka - Expert knowledge
- API management (Portals, Analytics, Gateway), Security gateway
- Cloud Native Apps, 12 Factor Apps
- Integration / Transformation / Mediation / Orchestration
○ Data Integration – ETL, ELT, CDC, MFT
○ Legacy Systems Integration - B2B/SaaS Integration
○ EDI, MFT, Security Gateway, API
- DevSecOps
- Container Application Platform (Docker, Kubernetes)
- Web & Mobile Application Architecture
- Business Rules Engine
- Business Process Automation, Workflow Engine

Assignment description :
Track & Trace
MDM project
FAST migration
Intermodal Transformation
Data Hubs
Enterprise Integration and Messaging Platform

1036 - Architecte d’entreprise - Application et intégration – Senior
Montréal, QC
Rôle standard : architecte d’entreprise
Compétence : Senior
Lieu: Montreal
Télécommande: non
Voyagement : Non
Projet: I & T

Date de début du mandat: 17 juin 2019 Date de fin du mandat: 20 décembre 2019

Potentiel de convertir en permanent? : Oui
Titre du poste: Architecte d’entreprise - Senior
Description du poste :

Ce poste est chargé de comprendre et de décrire les ac
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Lieu Montréal
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