Description #LI-AOI

The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for all aspects of the code deployment conveyor belt, from SCM check-in through production deployment.
Additional responsibilities include:
- Help buildout an entirely new CI ecosystem, including automated and auto scaling testing systems.
- Build and support custom tools that facilitate development and QA teams.
- Work with the Operations team to build production deployment processes & systems.
- Define and Build development workflows and create the tools to support them - Fully-automated and continuously deployed in-house and open-source applications - in a robust, elastic cloud environment capable of supporting a SaaS platform with several million daily users

Work experience:
- Helped build a highly available, elastic private cloud
- Helped build automated continuous integration/delivery infrastructure using open source tools
- Developed and supported web-based SaaS applications
- Evangelized DevOps as a culture through internal talks and training
- Mentor junior engineers

Technical skills:
- Operating Systems – CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux - Configuration Management - Chef, Test Kitchen - Continuous Integration and Delivery – Jenkins, Docker, Packer - Cloud Platforms – AWS, Google Compute, VSphere, VCloud, RightScale, Scalr - Development Tools – GIT(Stash), Jira, Confluence, VersionOne, Artifactory, Gradle, Grunt - Languages – Java, Bash, Python, Ruby, Groovy, Javascript - Databases – PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra - Test Driven Development, Test Automation
Job ID 1508
Location Montréal
Status Contractual